Adventures In Jungle Land (Chapter 4) – You stumble upon an ancient urban sprawl… – Wisconsin – July 29th, 2017


Adventures in Jungle Land (Chapter 4) – You stumble upon an ancient urban sprawl…


Chapter 4: Adventures in Jungle Land – You stumble upon an ancient urban sprawl…and sense the presence of strange creatures from the past or future or the beyond. At last you’ve journeyed beyond the comforting sound of the Forest – but this new environment is full of alien sounds and sites. You persist onward, deeper into the strange new place, as you trade the organic for a built up asphalt jungle …

Happycore Records with support from ToyMaker Music and The Happy League is excited to announce the fourth chapter of Adventures in Jungle Land! A journey to the origins of rave music. Join Chris HappyFixx & Matt Positive on a musical safari exploring the formative rave years – the seed from which countless contemporary electronic genres were spawned. Each session will have a special guest DJ to assist with our journey.

“An ancient urban sprawl you stumble upon … “ will be an after hours event, so it will start late late Friday night/Saturday morning and go from 2am until past dawn (which means you can literally RaveTilDawn).

Tour Guides:

Casper –, Strictly Jungle Chicago

Original Chicago OG mid-90s jungle original (etc.) Casper should need no introduction. But if you missed his tape from the legendary 90s Jungle Book tape pack or missed one of the million topnotch sets he’s played since 1994, then here’s his bio: he grew in Chicago in the 80s and was exposed to house, synthpop, new wave, and hip hop at an early age.

He started raving in ’92 and fell in love with breakbeat hardcore. Over the years, he played jungle, atmospheric / soulful drum and bass from 1994 to mid-2000s all over the US. From 1999 to 2003 he also played UK garage / 2-step before it morphed into dubstep. In the Midwest, Casper is probably best known for his three Jungle Book mixes. He also co-hosted the Strictly Jungle Chicago radio show on 89.3 FM with Snuggles, Slak, and Ry-N. While at college in Boston, he was also a resident DJ at Jungle Roots weekly club night with East Coast dnb legends Timestretch, Overload, and Jason Mouse. In 2000, he produced several tracks with Chris J, including “Mysteries” which came out on Good Looking Records.

There can be no doubt – Casper is a jungle legend, and he has the records to prove it.

Further expertise provided by:

Diva D – Audio Vandals, HoneyPot Crew, Bass Asylum
Celebrating a birthday and 20 years behind the decks! Creator of Indulge, a 6 year gallery night in Madison, Rumble in the Jungle, and countless other shows in the Madison area since 2001, this mistress of mayhem has been dubbed Wisconsin’s “Queen of the Jungle”. Get ready for some nostalgia and a trip through time! Bring hugs and earplugs!

Special guest set by:

One of the first DJs to bring the techstep sound to Milwaukee during the 1990s is back once again to take you through a sonic old skool jungle journey. It’s been 10 years since he last played out, but he is guaranteed to bring the wicked sounds of the early jungle drum n bass genre on wax to your ears. Original Massive Magazine staff, and the editor of one of the first jungle sections in USA print. We welcome Johnsin back home from the West Coast.

And of course your ever faithful guides:

Chris HappyFixx™ – Happycore Records, ToyMaker Music
Ever the connoisseur of happy vibes, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for over a decade and a half. A single set will range from oldschool cheesy Breakbeat Hardcore to super bouncy Happy Gabber. As long as it’s fast, happy, and puts a smile on your face.

Matt Positive™ – The Happy League, ToyMaker Music
Introduced to the to the breakbeat hardcore rave sound in the summer of 1992 thanks to Chicago’s B96 Lunchtime Mixes, DJ Hyperactive’s “Sounds of the Underground” series, and by the Speed Limit 140+ compilations, Matt quickly became hooked on the frantic sped up vocals, racing pianos, and dark synth stabs of early UK Hardcore. In 1996 the legendary rave scenester and graf artist DJ Phil Free Art (RIP friend) inspired Matt to fully commit – and a Midwest happy hardcore DJ was born. Expect to hear everything about rave music Matt loves: bouncy breakbeat hardcore ragga jungle darkcore proto-happy ravey awesomeness.

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