Adventures In Jungle Land (Chapter 5) – You arrive deep in the jungle … – Minnesota – Sept 24th, 2017

Chapter 5: Adventures in Jungle Land – You arrive deep in the jungle …

Thus far we have conquered unknown forests, mysterious jungles, and abandoned urban landscapes — picking up survival skills and ancient knowledge in preparation for the FINAL MISSION of 2017:

Happycore Records w/ support from ToyMaker Music & The Happy League invite you to join CHRIS HAPPYFIXX & MATT POSITIVE on their quest to map out the primeval years of Rave music, exploring the first days of jungle, breakbeat hardcore, and related rave genres, c.1991-1995.

Adventures in Jungle Land: Chapter 5 will be on the last day of the FIVE day jungle- themed campout JUNGLE LOVE 2 hosted by the mighty MONKEY BUNNY crew!

Jungle Love 2 starts on Thursday Sept 21, 2017 and goes straight until early Monday morning Sept 25th. Adventures in Jungle Land departs that Sunday afternoon c. 4pm….

4 Deck Turntablist Breakbeat Junglist Tag Set!!!
Going deep into the jungle requires the DEEPEST and FRESHEST skills and these two LA turntable breakbeat hooligans are about as deep and fresh as they come. The noise coming out of LA is that this combo consisting of Midwest favorite Flapjack and zine/jungle devotee M27 is LOUD and HEAVY and REAL. Four Technics 1200’s, two mixers, and a the perfect amount of cutting, scratching, beat juggling, and re/de-constrution skills. Don’t miss their first ever Midwest appearance – no doubt it will be the stuff of LEGAND!!

FLAPJACK – Los Angeles, CA
Rave n’ Beats Recordings, JNCO
No stranger to the Midwest underground, Flapjack is *the* Los Angeles-based oldskool hardcore deejay whose passion for cheesy beats and dedication to his art has quickly rocketed him to a respected position among his underground deejay peers over the past few years. Represented by Rave n’ Beats Recordings and rocking extremely hi-NRG 100% vinyl hardcore sets; a friend to kandi ravers near and far, DJ Flapjack is known for more than just his friendly persona and fashion sense. His keen sense of tunes, lightning fast scratching, and turntablist mixing skills are sure to win over the hearts of happy hardcore fans, new and old!

M27 – Oakland, CA
Outlet, Storytime, In-n-Out Jungle
Drawing from a background in Los Angeles hip-hop culture, M27 fuses the skillset of a classic turntablist with his love of euphoric 90s rave music. For his solo set, expect a crème de la crème selection of roots hardcore/jungle prepared M27 style: cut, chopped, and served FRESH using the classic pairing of a pair of technics turntables and a vestax battle mixer. Say you were THERE as he makes his very first Midwest appearance.

DJ PRYSM – Indiana
Throwback Family
Old school to the bone and classically trained in the dark drum&bass arts. Prysm dropped some serious rumblers at Jungle Land – Chapter 3 for us…. The man is all vinyl, all guts, and all glory – we’re glad he’s on our side!

Imagine if Jason Bourne wasn’t such a buzzkill, and instead embraced all those chill one man killing machine skills. Now imagine a world devoid of all offensive hilarity at every level. What would HOPE look like?? Someone in a movie once said: We don’t get the heroes we WANT, we get the heroes we NEED. Prepare to be ‘SAVED’.

CHRIS HAPPYFIXX™ – Happycore Records, ToyMaker Music
Creator of the Adventures in Jungle Land series, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for over a decade and a half. In contrast to his normal Happy Hardcore tunes, HappyFixx created the Jungle Land series to explore the origins of Rave music – focusing on old skool jungle and early breakbeat hardcore. Bringing sonic Rave history to the Midwest masses.

MATT POSITIVE™ – The Happy League, ToyMaker Music
It’s said he owes his very being – and perhaps his LIFE – to the early 91-94 breakbeat hardcore sounds. Regardless, there’s some vague evidence that he dedicated his youth in the late-90s to the Happycore sounds as a way to keep the rave-infused hyper breakbeat ultra fun alive in some form for future generations…but then he disappeared without a trace. But fate wasn’t finished and not long ago HappyFixx stumbled upon a crumbled sack of failure and broken dreams in a Tunisian smugglers juice bar – and after a rigorous set of music/workout montage scenes, he emerged.


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