Adventures In Jungle Land (Chapter 3) – The sun slowly rises on the wasteland – Illinois – June 25th, 2017


Adventures in Jungle Land (Chapter 3) – The sun slowly rises on the wasteland … [FREE ALL VINYL JUNGLE BRUNCH]

The sun slowly rises on the wasteland … while the sounds from within the jungle emerge all around. You pause briefly to feast, gathering your strength for the adventure to come. Curious and excited, these new noises start to sound familiar as if you have heard them somewhere before, you are beckoned deeper into the jungle …

Happycore Records with support from ToyMaker Music and The Happy League is excited to announce, Adventures in Jungle Land! A journey to the origins of rave music. Join Chris HappyFixx & Matt Positive on a musical safari exploring the formative rave years – the seed from which countless contemporary electronic genres were spawned. Each session will have a special guest DJ to assist with our journey.

The sun slowly rises on the wasteland … Sunday June 25th 2017. There will be music from 10am till 4pm, with a tasty brunch avalible. All are welcome!

Featured guest junglist this session:

Prysm [Indiana]
♫ Jungle ♫
Resident DJ @ Throwback Family. Old school, classically trained Drum and bass artist. Spinning vinyl since 2000, has evolved with the ages and technology.

Your jungle tour guides for this season:

Chris HappyFixx™ – Happycore Records, ToyMaker Music
Ever the connoisseur of happy vibes, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for over a decade and a half. A single set will range from oldschool cheesy Breakbeat Hardcore to super bouncy Happy Gabber. As long as it’s fast, happy, and puts a smile on your face.

Matt Positive™ – The Happy League
Introduced to the to the breakbeat hardcore rave sound in the summer of 1992 thanks to Chicago’s B96 Lunchtime Mixes, DJ Hyperactive’s “Sounds of the Underground” series, and by the Speed Limit 140+ compilations, Matt quickly became hooked on the frantic sped up vocals, racing pianos, and dark synth stabs of early UK Hardcore. In 1996 the legendary rave scenester and graf artist DJ Phil Free Art (RIP my friend) inspired Matt to fully commit – and a Midwest happy hardcore DJ was born. Expect to hear everything about rave music Matt loves: bouncy breakbeat hardcore ragga jungle darkcore proto-happy ravey awesomeness.

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