Belly of the Beast – Illinois – Jan 14th, 2017


Back again for the very first time. PLUR LIFE Promotions is proud to present you….. BELLY OF THE BEAST!!! LORD MONOCHROMICORN’S BIRTHDAY BASH(an adventure time themed rave). We promise to bring you only our best with next level decorations. Full scale staging with insane 3D mapping And laser galore, featuring some of the baddest DJs around:

Clark Kentt – Peak hour House -Chicago
This not so Mild Mannered dj has an arsenal of techniques to amaze your eyes (scratching, beat juggling, multiple genres, and live remixing), while your ears get the true sound straight from the Underground of the birthplace itself, the sound of HOUSE. These skills matched with a stage presence of a king and an energy only comparable to pure adrenaline give Clark the necessary tools to be not only an amazing DJ but a true artist behind the decks.

Devo- techno – Illinois
Utilizing his creativity, innovation, and technical mastery, Devo™ takes the art of the DJ to new levels that will rock your soul. As the founder of ToyMaker Music, Devo™ has been a pioneer of the electronic music community with events that continue to set new standards and unite fanatics and enthusiasts from around the world

Psy_ience projekt-chicago-psy trance
Psy_ience Projekt is comprised of 2 amazing DJs, which are Thomas Kelly and DJ Tek 9 aka Blake Las. Since forming in the Spring of 2012, Psy_ience Projekt have become the go to guys for Underground Trance in the Midwest Region. Thomas and Blake have over 20+ years of experience between the 2, an have performed @ some of the biggest underground events in the Midwest. After a brief hiatus for the first half of 2016, Psy_ience Projekt are proud to say that they are back to business as usual, after just coming off of an awesome performance @ the 15th annual Barnyard Boogie, they aim to provide you with the most uplifting Trance experience your ears have ever heard!! So get ready Belly Of The Beast because Psy_ience Projekt is back and they are here to stay!!

Fiyafly – Drum and bass – Chicago

Notorious Niño- Hardstyle- Chicago
The founder of the Foreverland Festival and deamer trying to bring together many to discover the beauty of working together as one, towards something that is greater than ourselvs. A 20yr veteran and devoted soilder to the Underground movement having played and hosted events all over the country. Once part of Source productions and Later moved to the East Coast and Joined the prestigeous Badass raves. Mixing at a range from 32 beat quick mixing up to 5+ min long blends, he creates a feeling of continuity between himself & his listeners. As of 2010, he moved to the east coast and joined the new boom in EDM events and was part of a underground revival that stretched from NYC to NC. In 2012 he started a lighting company LASER GRAFFITI that is responsible for some the top cutting edge laser shows that have been seen in the top clubs and events all over the East Coast and Midwestern United States. In 2014 he joined the world renown B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves and started the Chicago Chapter

AdHd – Detroit, Mi
Hard Dance
Boof-It Plurductions

Donald Whan- Detroit, Mi
UK Hardcore/Freeform/BBHC
Hardcore 313 /Kikwear/Strange Luv/ Justice Hardcore/Evolution Division
Besides running Detroits biggest hard sound production company, HARDCORE 313, Donald Whan is one of the Midwest top hardcore heavy hitters. His quick mixing, scratching, high energy track selection and wild stage presence will have you bouncing through his whole set! Mr. Whan has been ripping up the hardcore scene since 2005. Since then has played alongside some of the biggest names in the business and at some of Detroit’s largest events. Within the past several years he has headlined acts in Toronto, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Maryland, Texas, Salt lake city, Ottawa, Quebec, and even Canada’s world electronic music festival. On another note you may recognize some of his tracks such as the hardcore remix of “Fireflies” him and Cat like thief did or his more recent “nano terrorist” along with many others.
One way or another Donald Whan will be locked and loaded and ready to blow your minds….

Happyfixx – Happy Hardcore- Iowa
Ever the connoisseur of happy vibes, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for over a decade and a half. A single set will range from oldschool cheesy Breakbeat Hardcore to super bouncy Happy Gabber. As long as it’s fast, happy, and puts a smile on your face

Dj Sveer
Melbourne/ acid/ big room/ euro

Toymaker, Night Riders, Bass Brothers

Dj Sverre hails from chicago with inspiration flowing from all parts of the world. Blending big room, electro, melbourne and euro house to keep you bouncing to the skunk funk all night long! His quirky eccentric personality is heavily reflected in his style.