Foreverland – Illinois – July 15th, 2016

For the 1st time Badass raves brings the magic of our 3day multistage campouts to Chicago. 50+ global acts – Theme camps – Special performance stage – Multiple music stages hosted by your favorite midwest crews – Free camping & low gate price – Pet Friendly Event.



DJ S3RL – New Energy Collective / UK Hardcore, Jcore (Australia) FIRST TIME EVER IN CHICAGO!
We are pleased to be bringing him to Chicago for the 1st time! To many in the anime and rave scene S3RL doesn’t need much of an introduction, for those who haven’t heard of him, his most recent signature mix “S3RL Presently Presents” is a pretty good place to get started S3RL has been making music since 2000, starting off making music on the PS1 with “Music 2000”, looking up to the likes of Scott Brown, Breeze, Styles, Dougal, Gammer, Sharkey, Kevin Energy, Hixxy and more. S3RL’s hard work would eventually persist when in 2005 Kevin Energy and Sharkey came for a tour down under, S3RL sent them a demo CD and was quickly signed up to New Energy Collective thanks to his track “Transformers”, the first DJ from Queensland to get signed to a major international hardcore label. Signing up to an international label only lead to bigger and better things for S3RL, which saw him tour not only all around Australia but also all over the world, culture and even language isn’t necessarily a boundary to enjoy S3RL’s music. S3RL’s growth
in recent years has not only just been from the rave scene but from many fans of anime, gaming and pop culture with S3RL writing many tracks about, cosplaying, video games, cats, memes and more. “I love the fact I’ve got a lot of fans in the anime scene, it’s actually made me lean towards making more game and toon (both western and anime) tracks.”

DJ VENOM – Hard Dance Nation, Morlock Musik / Hardstyle (New York)
Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their sets as Venom. Coming at you with headbanging sounds and sick scratching skills, this rave veteran fills the dancefloors with stomping feet and hardcore beats. Venom first gained notoriety in the early 90s, releasing countless mixtapes and showing off his award winning turntable skills at events all over the country.
He won the New England DJ Spin-Off in 1997 and placed 2nd two years in a row at the WMC DJ Battles. In 2000, he signed with the legendary Chicago hard house label Underground Construction and released a number of top selling CDs such as
the House Blend, Straight Bangin’ and Raise the Volume series. In 2011, Venom signed with Hard Dance Nation, producing a monthly mix for their popular podcast series and championing the sounds of the American hard dance movement. After 2 decades of DJing, Venom still keeps a busy tour schedule bringing his relentless performances to the underground warehouse parties of the East Coast to the bright stages of EDC Vegas. Venom has a full length album due out in the summer of 2016 as well as slew of singles and remixes slated for release on a variety of labels including his own Morlock Musik. So get ready for the mayhem. Get ready for the chaos. Get ready for DJ Venom!
[email protected]

DJ FLAPJACK – HTID / happy Hardcore (Los Angeles)
Flapjack is a SoCal hardcore deejay whose passion for cheesy beats and dedication to his art has quickly rocketed him to a respected position among his underground deejay peers. Represented by Rave n’ Beats Recordings and rocking oldskool vinyl sets; A friend to kandi kids near and far, DJ Flapjack will soon be known for more than his friendly persona; his awesome taste in tunes and quickly developing mixing skills are sure to win over the hearts of happy hardcore fans, new and old!

HAPPYFIXX – Happycore Records, ToyMaker Music / Breakbeat Hardcore, Happy Gabber (Iowa City, IA)
Ever the connoisseur of happy vibes, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for over a decade and a half. A single set will range from oldschool cheesy Breakbeat Hardcore to super bouncy Happy Gabber. As long as it’s fast, happy, and puts a smile on your face.

ELEKID – Badass Raves, TopDolla, ToyMaker, Distorted Trauma / Frenchcore
Since the age of 14, in Chicago (1997), Elekid has turned DJing into a science, mastering the art, and becoming a household name, placing him among some of the top DJs in the harder styles of electronic music in North America. Not limiting himself to just one or two styles, Elekid’s wide variety & unique approach to mixing is what makes his sets memorable and loved by many. His methods of engineering sets & being able to execute with extraordinary accuracy is what has made him a sought after DJ. In 2004, Elekid started his “Summer Vacation” series, showcasing all that he’s capable of, with each one being unique, themed, & entertaining from start to finish. In 2005, Elekid took it to the next level and began producing, starting with Hard House. In the years since, Elekid has had several releases and remixes, most notably, “Tekno Drugs”, on several different labels. More recently, he has been a heavy backer for Frenchcore in America, & has been working on several Frenchcore productions.If it’s hard, it’s Elekid.

NOTORIOUS NINO – Badass raves / Hardstyle (Chicago)

VAMPY VICIOUS – ToyMaker Music / UK Hardcore, Freeform, Jcore, Frenchcore (St. Louis)
At the age of 7, they’ve been a follower of electronic sounds. Over a decade later after discovering the sounds of the underground (age 21) spins, mixes, and listens to many genres of hard dance and other miscellaneous genres. They started to learn the art mixing at age 15. Also an admin for Kandi Land
continues to represent good vibes of what a raver is. Radio shows are occasionally on KraftyRadio & UKast-FM. Meet the number one genderqueer fast beat UK Hardcore disk jockey of the Midwest.

DA LOLIPOP KIDS – Justice hardcore / UK Hardcore (Ohio)

BLACKDADDY – Hardstyle Family / Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, Subground (Pittsburgh)
Black Daddy fell in love with hard dance music when he was only 14. Being part of his local industrial scene he developed a dream to pursue music. He took this ambition and his new found love for EDM and turned it into a lifelong dream. Black Daddy taught himself how to produce many genres from Industrial to Gabber and Speedcore. As he became more and more intrigued in different styles of dance music, he discovered one that he was especially passionate about – hardstyle. He began pouring his devotion into producing hardstyle, Black Daddy’s passion for Hard Dance music was something he knew he had to share with the world, a self-proclaimed Hard Dance Missionary. It wasn’t long before he had dance floors packed, sharing the stage with the likes of Headhunterz, Angerfist, & Isaac to name a few. He is determined to show everyone on the dance floor how to open their minds & appreciate the music he loves so much.

BIZERK – Hard Dance nation, Bizerk DJ Academy / Hardstyle, Trap, Riddim, & Dubstep (Chicago)
Whether its hosting events, teaching aspiring artists, releasing tracks on I-Tunes, or headlining shows across Chicago and nation, Bizerk commands any dance floor and inspires growth and success with everyone he encounters. With over 14 years & 16 releases as a Producer along with DJ sets, including local Chicago gigs, sets in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Detroit, & Orlando. & having been direct support for: Headhunterz, Wildstylez, Krewella, Showtek, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, DJ Isaac,
Atmozfearz, JDX, Ruthless, Dj Yoeri, DJ Activator, Organ Donors, & Brooklyn Bounce. Are U ready to go fucking Bizerk!?

TURTLEMATT – Turtle productions / Chicago HardHouse (Indianapolis)
One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in the rave scene before the turn of the millennium,Turtlematt’s foundation in the culture was inspired from the dancefloor up. Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2003,
established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007. Turtlematt has attracted a dedicated following throughout the region. Turtlematt a Indianapolis native has banged the beats in Chicago, Detroit (Shazzzam 4 & 6) , Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Camp Zoe(UGS), Madison, St.louis, Austin, TX, West Virginia, Baltimore, and Kansas City(Dancefestopia). Turtlematt programs innovative sessions of All VinylFunky/Deep/Disco House, Florida/ Electro Breaks, U.S. Hardhouse, and Drum n
Bass seasoned with his refreshing stage presence and a static connection to the dancefloor. Including “Fire Poi” sets during campout festivals.

ZOMBI – Trioxin, Toymaker, CHA / Hardcore, Crossbreed, Gabber (Indiana)


GOODSEX – Kitchen Records,Spring Awakening / Multi-genre (Chicago)
Born and raised in Chicago, GoodSex has played some of the biggest parties the city has to offer, including the main stage at both Spring Awakening and Freaky Deaky Music Festivals. For five years he has been consistently booked at some of the hottest night clubs in the city, including two of DJ Mag’s top ten nightclubs, Spybar and the MID, headlining and gaining residency at them respectively. From raucous midwest college tours to a dusty DJ booth at Burning Man, GoodSex is something everyone can agree on. His musical stylings highlight choice tracks from every genre that hold one similar quality, they will make you move. Wielding a pair of CDJ’s, GoodSex blends multiple tempos, energies, and genres into one seamless experience. From dirty trap to soulful house to
electro funk, audiences always leave his sets sweaty and satisfied. GoodSex is simple, GoodSex is undefined, GoodSex is good music is GoodSex.

OLIVIA OUTRAGE – Interstellar Events, XDI & Bizerk Academy / Dubstep,Riddim, Drumstep (Chicago)
There is no other artist who is taking the Chicago dance music scene by storm like Olivia Outrage. Whether it’s headlining shows as a new artist or playing alongside RUN DMT, Megalodon, Dj Hatcha, Xilent, & Figure, Olivia provides the most cutting edge grimy “bass face” music during her live sets. Come prepared to hear her drop some original tracks along with plenty of filth. With a growing fan base around the nation, get ready to experience a headbanging show every time!!

BASSDOCTORx – Stay Gold Promo / Dubstep, Trap, Drumstep, DnB (Chicago)
The experienece of listening to BassDRx’s tunes has the medicine to blow your eardrums with some of the sickest tracks that the underground music scene has to offer. Bassdoctor has played with such names as JRabbit, Dieselboy, Minnesota, Dj Muggs, Big Chocolate, Grimblee, Forest Green & many others. He brings originality and variety with every set he makes. with a strong passion for music, the dose of bass pumping out of the speakers comes a sound that only a licensed doctor can prescribe. He is sure to have you moving, if not you must have flat lined. The Doctor is in…

ORDER OF CHAOS – XDI Events / Dubstep, Trap, DnB (Chicago)
Heavyweight dj/producing duo Order Of Chaos bringing wicked bass music to the stage. On 2 decks or 4 decks they are a force to be reckoned with!

ATTACK ALL ROBOTS – Dubstep, Trap, DnB (Chicago)

TOXIK – Almost Famous Entertainment / Trap, Dubstep, Electro (Michigan)

JUNGLE NOISE – Scandallous Productions / Dubstep, Open Format Bass (Chicago)
DJ/Producer @ Scorched AM, DayDream Records & 418Music. Banging Dubstep & Everything that makes the crowd jump!

GREY MATTER – Its Lit events (Chicago)
“Chicago’s Thirst of Thursdays resident playing in mind for the eye inside rocking 4 years of shows Grey Matter asks you to release your concepts of sticking to a genre”

TRΔP OR DIE – Almost Famous Entertainment, Mafia Records, BLVCK CVRD (Chicago)
TRΔP OR DIE headed by Charlie Cartel & Mewillionaire from the depth of Chicago’s Underground Scene. Initially, TRΔP OR DIE were strongly influenced by the trap lifestyle. Today, their performances are fulfilled by the most diversified musical hits, always complemented with trap music & adapted to each situation. What matter is not what kind of music it is, what matters is that people dance. This is what defines them, their passion for music and the interaction with people.


ADONIS CHILDS – True family Unit / MindDance (Chicago)
A 3nd of the Mad Men has been working hard to bring nothing ,but his pure soul to his new sound coming out this summer. He has been working hard making video ,music and setting up a summer tour. Adonis is apart of the oldest running Production crew in the Mid-West the TRUE FAMILY UNIT . Adonis has stayed in the light of the music scene bring the name the Prince Of The Underground . you can also catch him at all the hot spots with his Camera locking down the movement with TIMESCAPE films showing the underground as he see’s it. Look out for new tunes coming out soon .

Blake Las AKA DJ TEK 9 has performed at over 150 events! Along his 15 year journey Blake has sharpened his experience on Vinyl Records, CD’s, and a controller with Serato. These days Blake rocks live shows in Trance duo Psy_ience Projekt and has tagged live with San Fransico legend Forest Green.
From the hard techno he once spun to the cutting edge tunes don’t miss the best dance music the world offers.”All night all right!”

CLARK KENTT – Badass Raves / Peak Hour House (Chicago)
This not so Mild Mannered dj has an arsenal of techniques to amaze your eyes (scratching, beat juggling, multiple genres, and live remixing), while your ears get the true sound straight from the Underground of the birthplace itself, the sound of HOUSE. These skills matched with a stage presence of a king and an energy only comparable to pure adrenaline give Clark the necessary tools to become not only an amazing DJ but a true artist behind the decks.

MARK RUBIO – You & I presents, SpeakerKids / Jackhouse (Chicago)

GENERAL PATTON – father of the Peacefest Family / Chunky house grooves (Michigan)

BAD HABITS – Badass raves (Chicago)

DJ TUTT – Pierce prod. (Chicago)

DON MEGA – (Chicago)

WATERWOMP – Badass raves, Throwback family / House (Chicago)
Under the influence with Throwback Family and Badass Chicago, bringing the house heat everyone loves. Coming the dirty streets of the south burbs of Chicago, House Music saved my soul, and now I wanna save yours!


JULIAN RIVERA (Live Analog Acid)- Drop Bass Network (Minneapolis)
Julian Rivera was born and raised in the mountains of Colombia, South America. After moving to the USA, he was lucky enough to have witnessed the beginning of the rave scene in the Midwest. It took him a couple of years to find the sound. In 1993 he started dancing in warehouse parties rekindling the love for dance music that he had in Colombia, He started playing records in 1995 from acid house to hardcore, and onto drum machines and synthesizers in
1997.A member of the infamous Drop Bass Network, he represents the kompound krue, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest Underground; performing all over the Midwest, sharing the stage with many heavy hitters, and
sharpening his skills in the frontier development of live performance. Whether djing or doing live PAs, Julian Rivera’s sound is moody and dark, uncompromising and always pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

DJ CHUKKLES aka KIP KYNDICATE – Relevante Records, LW Records, Kikwear / Deep, MinimaL, Techno (Minneapolis)

DIRTY LARY & TONY CURCIO – Krunch Audio, Phunk Junk Records / Techno (Chicago)
DIRTY LARY (Lary Saladin) is a Chicago based Electronic Music Producer and DJ, who grew up to the sounds of 80′s House, Italo-Disco, New Wave music, and Guns N’ Roses. Dirty Lary started out on the music scene by writing lyrics and recording vocals for other producers until 2001, when he started booking live performances in Chicago and Las Vegas. In addition to performing in a Las Vegas talent showcase in 2003, Dirty Lary has shared the stage with legendary Hip-Hop
recording artists, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock (“It Takes Two”) as well as House music diva, Jessica Eve (Who Da Funk) (“Shiny Disco Balls”). Dirty Lary’s main genres are Tech-House and Techno, but he is no stranger to other electronic music genres. In July 2015, “Bumps,” an original track by Carmen Fiorentino &
Dirty Lary, debuted at #100 and peaked at #76 on the Techno Top 100 chart on Beatport. In February 2016, Lary hit the charts again with his deep house release, “L’Ultimo Bacio,” that was featured on the “Deep Inside E.P.” released by 418 Music. This release debuted at #26 and peaked at #10 on the Beatport Top
100 chart for House releases. Dirty Lary works on original production and remixes for many labels across the globe, as well as his own labels, Phunk Junk Records and Krunch Audio.

MICRODOT – Glamboy Musique / Techno (Chicago)
DJ/producer/co-owner of Hot Jams Records (Chicago)(ColliderLab Chicago)(#UndergroundChi) goes by the alias Microdot (aka Gboy).Microdot’s roots come from Chicago’s southside break-dance scene (Little Village) during the 1980’s
influenced by graffiti artist, dancers and DJ’s. His early records included freestyle, house and acid. In the 90’s he focused in the techno sound and he hasn’t look backed. Now a underground veteran known as Chicago’s Techno Gangster, his authenticity is visible to locals and new comers who have seen him perform in countless raves, clubs and warehouse parties. You can find his original music on Record labels: HotJamsRecords, Ghetto Division, Chicago Jaxx, Dron3 Recordings, Krunch Audio

TWITCHIN SKRATCH – Afterdark recordings / Techno (Chicago)

TIM KASPER – TechnoTwins, Re-Education records / Techno (Milwaukee)
Tim has been obsessed with Techno for over 20 years and has meticulously created his own style of mixing. Originally influenced by the Midwest’s underground party scene and it’s many dynamic artists, he paid his dues starting at house parties in Milwaukee, to many weekly and monthly club nights in Chicago, to eventually being featured at some of the Midwest’s best large scale events and festivals. His melodic sounds, deep bass and slamming beats will transform the vibe on the dance floor every time.


DIVA D (Birthday Set) HoneyPot Crew & Audio Vandals / Drum & Bass – (Madison)
Chasing bass since ’98; Pushing the DnB sound since 2001. It’s Diva D’s birthday weekend and she’s got a very special set prepared – so be ready for an audio onslaught – an intense ride into the dark side of DnB.
Mix link:
Fan Page:

FONZ DE LA MOTA – MIA / Drum & bass (Chicago)

SELEKTA STEEL – MIA / Jungle (Chicago)

THOMAS KELLY – Kikwear, Kids Of The Core, BassBros. / Psytrance (Chicago)
Thomas Kelly was unleashed upon the Chicago Rave Scene back in the fall of 2012 with a move back to his hometown, from Los Angeles. In the past 5 years Thomas Kelly has become the hardest Underground pusher of Trance music in recent years and has risen to play some of the biggest events in Chicago, and the Midwest. Thomas pushes the borders to provide you with a truly unique Underground Trance experience with endless promo and track support from across the pond in Europe. Get ready for a set of unbelievable roof raising Trance anthems composed from the Full On Psy Trance genre. One thing is for sure, you will have your spirit lifted, an you will break some damn shoes in, so get ready Foreverland an awesome treat awaits you:)

ORBITAL SKY – (Chicago)

FIYAFLY – Audiophile, Preserving the Pitch / Jump Up Drum & bass (Chicago)
Fiyafly is Chicago’s first female jump up drum and bass dj. Although she loves incorporating all styles of drum and bass into her sets, jump up is by far her favorite. In February 2013, she began working with React Presents as a promoter, where she met DJ Zebo who encouraged her to sign up for his DJ class. Because of all the connections from being a promoter, she was fortunate to be able to learn tips from various local DJs as well. Fiyafly has had the pleasure of mixing on various radio stations, WCRX 88.1 FM, WNUR 89.3 FM. She has mixes released on Biological Beats & Kikwear as well. In the past couple of years, Fiyafly has been blessed with many opportunities to DJ all over Chicago’s underground, club scene, festivals, & has traveled to Milwaukee & Madison. A
member of Audiophile Family & Preserving the Pitch. Tune in every Saturday 3-5pm CST @ to hear the irresistible bass.

SINCERIOUS – Badass Raves, MIA / Halftime, Neurofunk, Techstep (Chicago)

SCROOGE – Cloud 9 / Drum & Bass (Chicago)

Theme Camp #1 – More camps TBA
Badass Raves Bad Biscuits Bounce Town
Moonbounce and large inflatibles surround this camp of Badass family & Artists.
Get lost in the kingdom of candy!

Theme camp #2
ROB OHM’s Flow Camp and Performance Stage
Rob will host a hooping contest to win a FREE Mood Hoop! So much more to come,
Contact Rob Ohm to participate. Stay tuned for more details on this camp.

4 stages so far and growing!
Art: Art installations & Deco throughout campground
Sound: Day One wall of Bass, More TBA
Video: Pixel Bitch
3D mapped Video: Pudavida
Lasers & Lighting: Laser Graffiti & Joe Carrol
Staging: General Patton

Vendors Welcome, Contact us for more details.
Camping is free.
Pet Friendly Event
This is a 17+ event – Need ID.
Alcohol is for those guests over 21+ (will be strictly enforced) – Need ID.

Tickets Available at:

TIER 2 Limited PRESALE – Until 5/20 or when sold out for only $30 (Single day not available yet)
TIER 3 PRESALE – Begins 5/21 to 6/30 for only $40
(Single day not available yet)
GENERAL ADMISSON – Begins 7/1 & Gate Price is still only
$60 Whole weekend or $50 for Single day Saturday (Sunday included)

Location will be 1-2hrs from Chicago Location will be determined on response to event. Location announced 6/15. Camping will be rustic. Toilets and sinks with running water will be provided.

Much Much more info coming – Event page still being built ♥