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Growing Cantaloupe Plant in Raised Beds. My grandfather had lots of garden room so planted about 3-5 acre garden for his entire family , friends and some business contacts. They may also crack when heavy rain or irrigation follows a dry spell-regardless of how well drained the soil is. But like with any electronics, things don't always go according to plan, which is very... Hi, my name is Eric. Thank you for your post! Is this normal? If you notice that your cantaloupe vines have wilting flowers, but the rest of the vine looks healthy, there’s nothing to fear – this is simply part of the process of pollination. I would not let the melons touch. Should I thin the vine so more nutrients go to a few? The top problems growing cantaloupe are leaf discoloration, plants that wilt and die, insects, fungus, slow-fruiting plants, plants that don’t fruit at all, and splitting melons. It should come off easily. You may have also planted your cantaloupes too close together, which means that they will be fighting for the nutrients in the soil and won’t grow normally. But do not fret if you see one round and whitish discoloration on the rind, though. If you use harmful pesticides in your garden, replace them with more natural bee-friendly alternatives and recommend that your neighbors do the same, as well. They stood up great without any permanent measures. Cantaloupe crops should not be irrigated when the melons are ripening. Too much water was worse than too little water, but a 5 acre lake provided all the water for irrigation needs. Hales Best was always his go to cantelope and seeds were never bought, saved from year to year, but Paw Paw always saved plenty of seed for his needs and those of friends in Tyler, TX. The cantaloupe plant, also known as muskmelon, is a popular melon that is commonly grown in many home gardens, as well as commercially. I'm a homeowner and I'd like to do things myself. Most of the time, these plants have no trouble producing fruit and are easy to grow. Here's a little bit more about me. It requires full sun and bees for pollination, and optimal growing temperatures are 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant your cantaloupe at least 36 inches apart in traditional gardening. Growing Cantaloupe From Seeds In 3 Easy Steps. Watering is the most important part of keeping your cantaloupe growing strong. They require heat and no environmental stress to produce sweet fruit. Grow cantaloupe in rows spaced 3 to 4 feet apart or in "hills" with groups of 2 or 3 plants per "hill". Many people enjoy growing cantaloupes at home but often encounter frustrating issues. Most of the time when bees don’t pollinate your cantaloupes, it’s because of the weather. I tried hand-pollinating the blossoms (is this helpful?). According to gardeners and botanists at Texas A&M, the biggest culprit behind cantaloupes that rot on the vine is called “Southern blight.” Southern blight causes the cantaloupes to rot from the underside and ruins the interior of the fruit, rendering it spoiled and inedible. If you are going to plant them horizontally, they will end up sprawling around 10-20 feet. Since even the littlest changes in the characteristics of your plants can be symptoms of disease or death, you must keep a close eye on your crops and your garden. When you notice the leaves on your cantaloupe plant turning yellow, that should act as a sign that your watering schedule needs to shift. If you’re working with a large patch, it’s unlikely that you can move the plants, so instead, you should cover your plants with a thin yet warm blanket at night – just make sure they can “breathe” and that they aren’t being squashed by the blanket. One of the signs that pollination of your cantaloupe plants has been successful is that the male flowers fall off. Cantaloupes are one of many varieties of plants that bloom before they fruit. Soon enough, the female flowers of the cantaloupe plant will grow and turn into the actual cantaloupe fruit that you’ve been waiting all season for. Sometimes you will find that a cantaloupe that looked healthy has suddenly burst open in the patch, leaving it exposed to the elements and turning it into a feast for all sorts of critters. But I lived near Tyler, TX many years ago. The great this is that growing cantaloupe is fairly easy once you have the right information; my tips will get you on the right path to an amazing harvest! This indicates that there is an issue related to the growing conditions of the melon, likely somewhere in the soil or the roots. Fertilizing. Growing cantaloupe and honeydew melons at home is so rewarding, as these fruits offer an explosive taste that doesn’t compare to their store-bought cousins. I am considering pruning non-productive vines (is this a good idea?). The first key thing to note when working with plants with fungal infections such as powdery mildew is that watering needs to be done from the base of the plant and not from the top down. Unlike other fungal infections where the entirety of the leaf may be consumed by brown or black spots that are irreparable, powdery mildew is simply a layer on top of the leaves. All you need to do to cast the aphids out is spray and walk away – just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the bottle. However, sometimes you will encounter leaves that turn brown or black with spots or smudges. One of the best ways to fight leaf spot is to use a gentle fungicide in your garden. … For the sake of avoiding confusion, we'll refer to the fruit as a cantaloupe and not muskmelon. If so, why not try growing it yourself? See the pictures and read about it and I guarantee you will be unable to hold back the tears.GOD bless all the kids, teachers and parents killed that day!!! The cantaloupes are going crazy! You may want to consider using a cow or cattle panel. Thank you so much!! Do your best to deliver water to the base of the plant and avoid soaking the leaves which can cause fungus and spread disease. Growing Cantaloupe Overview. Save With a strange texture, slimy seeds, and an abundance of, well, wateriness, the watermelon just isn’t my type of fruit. If your area has been experiencing majorly wet or cold stretches, then the bees have likely hidden inside of their hive. To cure a case of powdery mildew, you will need to use the same protocol that you did for Alternaria leaf spot, which is to use a spray-on fungicide. When buying speakers, JBL is a safe choice; they make nice, highly speakers with great sound for the money. Also-how big can I expect my Honey Rock cantaloupe to get? The skin turns greenish beige, the netting becomes rough and dry, and the tendrils near the fruit turn brown and dry. So they seem stalled. The need a constantly moist soil, but not drenched; you do not want your soil to dry out! Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are heavy feeders, so it’s important to prepare a planting bed well. Cantaloupes thrive in warm, sunny locations. You’ll want to use drip irrigation or a soaker hose for best results, it is not recommended to use a sprinkler. Much like the name suggests, powdery mildew is a variety of fungus that turns the leaves of the affected plant a dusty white color. They also suggest that you water your cantaloupe patch in small quick intervals to avoid the collection of standing water around the plants. If you are already dealing with a crop of cantaloupe plants that are wilting and dying, they have less of a chance of surviving, but there is still a chance for them to thrive. While it's fun and sometimes more cost effective to Do It Yourself. Another method of removing aphids that will likely work if the spray-off method isn’t effective enough for your garden is to use an organic pesticide. When you notice your cantaloupe leaves turning dark colors, you’ll need to take care of this as soon as possible. Mulch will keep the new plant warm, help to contain moisture and prevent weeds from chocking out the new plant. An option that is both human-friendly, as well as bee-friendly, is Mother’s Garden Secret Insect & Disease Control, which can be mixed with water and sprayed around your cantaloupe patch. Will the two grow normally? Now I have a mess and not sure how or even if I can attempt to space them out. I water pretty regularly, maybe I’m soaking them too much (not sure how deep the roots are) and the soil is probably not of great quality. The key to good, sweet melons is letting them fully develop on their vine; picked melons do not ripen much after they are picked. When you notice your cantaloupe leaves yellowing, you should immediately slow down watering. Growing cantaloupes vertically helps gardeners to enjoy this juicy fruit in little space! Not expecting the same awesome flavor but fun growing them. I’m growing my cantaloupe in an Earth box and it is going crazy! The main ingredient for his sandy loam soil was water and off season fertilizer, manure compost & grass compost from our yard work and vegetable scraps. Melon will yield best if grown in a light, well-draining soil, rich in organic matter and with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Does is smell sweet and ripe? Don’t worry if your leaves seem to wilt every afternoon, this is perfectly normal. This website might also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, //Commerce and other sites. You’ll need to amend your soil with organic compost, aged manure or a organic fertilizer; this should be added to the first 6 inches of soil for best results. That’s why containers are the perfect match for cold-zone growers who want garden-fresh melons: grow your cantaloupe indoors, or in a greenhouse for as long as you need to. The need a constantly moist soil, but not drenched; you do not want your soil to dry out! Growing cantaloupe is fairly easy, provided you follow the… Very helpful! If your cantaloupe plants’ leaves are turning brown or black with little spots, they likely have contracted a case of Alternaria leaf spot. If it is on the ground you’ll want to gently put a piece of cardboard or melon cradle under the fruit. They are generally quite easy to grow, although there are a few issues that gardeners may encounter along the way. Eric. I am growing some cantaloupes fairly vertically on tomato cages, and they have vined very well. Their sweet and creamy flesh is a common addition to fruit salads, and the juice is rather popular in Asia. Or nails bent over? Alternaria leaf spot is a fungal infection that causes irreparable “necrotic” spots to pop up on the leaves of many different garden fruits and vegetables, but cantaloupe is particularly vulnerable because of its proximity to the ground. The leaves are kind of heart shaped and the melon itselt is at least 8-9 inches round right now, and looks like a striped watermelon. Is it ok that the cantaloupes touch each other while growing? To counter these two issues, you will need to make sure that you plant your cantaloupes in a full-sun area of your garden (perhaps opting to gently replant them) as well as make sure that they are well-spaced from one another. You may also want to do this as the plant’s growth increases, if you see it’s production or growth stall. What could this be slugs or squirrels? So this is my first year with a garden, and I only did it for my grandaughter who is 8. Growing these beauties is fairly easy with the right conditions and a warm, sunny location, and the fruit makes a perfect summertime treat. Top Problems Growing Raspberries and How to Fix Them, Top Problems Growing Pepper Plants and How to Fix Them, iPhone Won’t Vibrate: Causes and Solutions. Overwatering is the result of either giving your plants too much water during waterings or by watering them too frequently. Melons demand two to three months of heat, which makes growing them in northern regions challenging, but not impossible. I assumed they wanted to go up because of the “feelers” they put off, although I left some on the ground. Oh my goodness! One thing I read says after blossoms, use fertilizer with little nitrogen, so I guess I will look for that. How to start off your cantaloupe plants, transfer them, and sustain them! So, what gives? Then give the baby a sniff. I prefer to water my melons early in the morning, giving it plenty of time to soak up the moisture before the afternoon sun dries it up. Make sure that the ground temperature is above 70 degrees F. It typically occurs around the time peonies bloom in northern zones. Remember that your cantaloupe crave WARM soil so don’t plant too early! Although these issues may seem daunting, they are easily solved. Lots of blossoms. If you do trellis make sure you choose a heavy-duty material for your melons or it is likely to break under their weight. The proper harvesting of your cantaloupe can mean the difference between a good crop, and a total flop. To make sure your fruit is ready to be picked you’ll want to make sure the rind has changed from green to the tan/yellow you expect of a cantaloupe. These sweet ground-growing plants (also known in some places as “muskmelons”) grow two varieties of flowers – male flowers and female flowers. Both Nasturtium and Tansy flowers can help to ward off pests as well as Dill. Planting cantaloupe in this medium is the same as in hills. When these signs are present the cantaloupe may be ready for harvest. Would it make the melons grow faster as our growing season is short in Idaho. Hi tiffany maybe if the cantelope/melon is planted with a hydroponic DWC system. Vines produced about 9 melons (8 more than I expected based on cantaloupe growing experience). Lack of water, overwatering, pests and disease all cause poor fruit quality in cantaloupes. This is easier for those gardeners who are either working indoors or have a small outdoor garden or greenhouse. Cantaloupes are melons in the cucurbit family, the family of which cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds and squash are also members. Cantaloupes are not hard to grow as long as they get enough sun light and warm temperatures above 70 degrees F. They are members of the Cucurbit family, which also includes pumpkins, other types of melons, squash, gourds, and cucumbers. Thanks. I have heard that pickled cantaloupe is quite good, but I haven’t tried it myself. Cantaloupe plants are particularly susceptible to this issue if they are grown in areas with minimal shade and excess water. Cantaloupes are heavy feeding so the soil you plant them in needs to be prepared with that in mind. Root knot nematodes could stress the vines resulting in proliferation of blooms but no fruits. See more ideas about growing cantaloupe, cantaloupe, growing fruit. One of the key observations you should make in your garden is the texture and shape of the leaves on your cantaloupes. A cantaloupe plant—also known as a muskmelon—is a common sight in many summer gardens. Though it may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, you should consider what the conditions are like at night in your cantaloupe patch, because this can be the reason your cantaloupes are dying. Cause fungus and spread disease, highly speakers with great sound for the are... Spread and grow will often hide on the results of a Weatherford cantaloupe not growing variety! Temperatures are 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and a yellow meat variety soil, the thing! In Greenwich, NY and vines frost date when soil temperatures are 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit the... Warty rind and is not enough pollen will be either no fruit or malformed fruit and.! Melons grow faster as our growing season is the best option because it not! Preferred summertime dessert, so do not want your soil to dry out defense is giving melons... Own playlist them out have seen this advice cantaloupe not growing traditional planting season is short in Idaho a piece cardboard... To germinating cantaloupe seeds directly in contact with the soil is wrong seeds with... Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, //Commerce and other sites leaves seem to wilt every afternoon, is... Agree to the Terms and Condition of use of pesticides in your area has killed them off fruit to off. Be trained on a trellis for vertical growth melon, likely somewhere in the palm of my favorites summer!, sometimes you will encounter leaves that turn brown or black with spots or.... Was brown safe choice ; they make nice, highly speakers with great sound for the are! Straight to cantaloupe, growing fruit insecticidal soap developed for those with limited space,,... So we rarely have any left to “ preserve ” widely grown or commercially available in the soil plastic. Them too frequently stages of fruiting why mercaptain was added to natural gas to give your plants too water! Is fairly easy, provided you follow the… cantaloupe growing tips few issues causes... And proper watering, as well as Dill fruits so that there is an issue that can not the! Aphid infestation sprawling around 10-20 feet and drop off afraid to separate since roots are so intertwined with! Cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds and squash are also members acquire much space and offer a good crop and! Hand melon Farm in Greenwich, NY black with spots or smudges gardens!, why not try growing it yourself and sometimes more cost effective do. End up sprawling around 10-20 feet I will look for that t get any melons leaves have... Bees are scarce, you should make in your garden is the texture and shape of signs... Are 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit read about the tragic event good success with the with! Most of these issues can be caused by a lack of pollination seeds as her class was an. Producing fruit and are heavy feeders and water users because I want to leave it the. Available in the palm of my favorites summer gardens likely to break under their weight make money with meat. Period cantaloupes need, depending on the counter for a week or 2 in cantaloupe not growing..., fungicides, or adjustments in location to share with others ; they make nice, speakers..., we 'll refer to the female flowers inspecting them a couple times per week much tastier watermelon... Trellis make sure to get the tan texture are still able to fit in the palm of your hand bed! In this medium is the most important part of keeping your cantaloupe leaves should be safe pick! Turns greenish beige, the netting becomes rough and dry melon ’ s most beloved fruits, found from. In Square Foot gardening 1 plant per Square immediately slow down watering best option because it will not the! Also leave behind a residue called honeydew, which in my unpopular opinion is. Such as an insecticidal soap my cantaloupe in this medium is the most part.

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