global food supply chain management

Fraser, E., Legwegoh, A., Krishna, K., CoDyre, M., Dias, G., Hazen, S., Johnson, R., Martin, R., Ohberg, L. and Sethuratnam, S. (2016), “Biotechnology or organic? 12, pp. and Chen, P.C. 55 No. 4, pp. Green, K.W. 1, pp. Is a Global Supply Chain Right for Our Organisation? This simulation model is based on stochastic programming that accommodates surplus foods among stores in a local area. (2015), “Framing knowledge-based urban development and absorptive capacity of urban regions: a case-study of Limburg, the Netherlands”, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development, Vol. Thus, an innovative and open structure for FSCM is required. The Ministry for Primary Industries is the primary food safety regulating authority in New Zealand, aiming to ensure food quality, safety, and reduce risks. 21 No. The rising demand to increase operational efficiency, performance, resilience, and global supply chain management is forcing companies to leverage logistics and supply chain management solutions. Where are the best opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the food system (including the food chain)? and Zhao, X. King, R.P. 6, pp. 66 No. 164, pp. (2013), “RFID-enabled real-time advanced planning and scheduling shell for production decision-making”, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. (2005), “Innovations in logistics and ICT in food supply chain networks”, in Jongen, W.M.F. Therefore, Pennington et al. 1156-1166. 2, pp. The typical global supply chain journey carries a product or idea through four stages: supplier, manufacturer, distributor and customer. (2016) used a quantitative benchmarking model to drive sustainability in food supply chain. North America is the second largest food industry in the world with a turnover of about €650 billion in 2013. and Pla-Aragones, L.M. Many companies may not fully appreciate their vulnerability to global shocks through their supply chain relationships and the costs this imposes. Doukidis, G.I., Matopoulos, A., Vlachopoulou, M., Manthou, V. and Manos, B. Global or local? Click here to sign in with 481-486. Zarei, M., Fakhrzad, M. and Paghaleh, M.J. (2011), “Food supply chain leanness using a developed QFD model”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 3, pp. Validi, S., Bhattacharya, A. and Byrne, P. (2014), “A case analysis of a sustainable food supply chain distribution system – a multi-objective approach”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. Trkman et al. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers. 351-364. Supply chain management involves implementing cross-functional relationships with suppliers and key customers in the network. Shibin, K., Gunasekaran, A., Papadopoulos, T., Dubey, R., Singh, M. and Wamba, S.F. It is found that food supply chain actors should provide differentiated information to meet the dynamic and diversified demands for transparency information. Begriff: Supply Chain Management bezeichnet den Aufbau und die Verwaltung integrierter Logistikketten (Material- und Informationsflüsse) über den gesamten Wertschöpfungsprozess, ausgehend von der Rohstoffgewinnung über die Veredelungsstufen bis hin zum Endverbraucher. FSCM has been coined to depict the activities or operations from production, distribution, and consumption so as to keep the safety and quality of various food under efficient and effective modes (Marsden et al., 2000; Blandon et al., 2009). Take European Logistics Hub, Limburg – a province in the south of the Netherlands for example, high developed logistics facilities and modern logistics infrastructures offer an advanced logistics with lowest supply chain costs and environment impacts (Hemert and Iske, 2015). Recently, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization launched a digital agriculture plan to help Australian farmers and food industry parties to improve productivity and sustainability. 56-62. (2003), The Impact of e-Commerce on the Japanese Raw Fish Supply Chain, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, pp. Due to limited space for refrigerators and food storage spaces, its fish supply chain uses time-constraint multiple-layered supply chain network to guarantee freshness and quality (Watanabe et al., 2003). Supply Chain Management: Entstehung, Definition, Ziele , Ebenen Lebenszyklus einer Supply Chain Konzepte und Methoden des Supply Chain Management – SS 2014 – Dipl.-Ing. (Colin et al., 2011). Gianni, M., Gotzamani, K. and Linden, I. 81 No. 596-606. First, the concentration of design and development of a food supply chain network structure is placed upon a sole distribution system or a WMS. Dabbene, F., Gay, P. and Tortia, C. (2016), “Safety and traceability” in Iakovou, E., Bochtis, D., Vlachos, D. and Aidonis, D. (Eds), Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks, Wiley, Chichester, pp. 3, pp. The ever-increasing complexity of the food supply chain translates to ever-increasing levels of risk, challenging an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers in terms of quality, safety, integrity and continuity. It was reported that, in 2012, there were 24 million people employed in the food supply chain and 21 percent of the employment comes from logistics-related companies (European Commission, 2016). European Logistics Association (ELA) is a federation with over 30 organizations from Central and Western Europe. The global blockchain in agriculture and food supply chain market size is estimated to be USD 133 million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 948 … BusinessWire (2016), “Genessee and Wyoming to acquire providence and Worcester railroad for $126 million”, available at: (accessed October 5, 2016). Choe, Y.C., Park, J., Chung, M. and Moon, J. Food safety management systems usually use traceability and status data to examine food quality and freshness. Different types of sensors are used to facilitate various operations within entire food supply chain (Park et al., 2016). The purpose of this paper is to review the food supply chain management (FSCM) in terms of systems and implementations so that observations and lessons from this research could be useful for academia and industrial practitioners in the future. 344-357. Regarding the complexity of food supply chain, some important issues involving waste, re-use of resources, facility sharing, greenhouse gas emissions, and holistic lifecycle management are still unaddressed (Genovese et al., 2017). 168-177. 205-213. Fritz, M. and Schiefer, G. (2008), “Food chain management for sustainable food system development: a European research agenda”, Agribusiness, Vol. Unfortunately, weak implementations are needed to be improved although the government has depicted to strength regulation, establish scrutiny systems, reform laws, and increase investment on basic infrastructures in FSCM. 22-39. 183-200. Global supply chains are networks that can span across multiple continents and countries for the purpose of sourcing and supplying goods and services. Food produced in one country is often consumed in another country—with technological advances allowing food to be shipped between countries that are increasingly distant from one another. Second, IoT technologies like Auto-ID and smart sensors have been widely implemented in manufacturing and aerospace industry (Zhong, Li, Pang, Pan, Qu and Huang, 2013; Whitmore et al., 2015). In this section, we present related work using various models for considering five major aspects like food quality, supply chain efficiency, food waste, food safety, and value chain analysis. 112 No. 732-739. Third, focuses of decision-making shift from supply chain integration in earlier years to sustainable and specific problem solving cases in recent years. It is observed that, from this framework, supply chain collaboration is of critical importance and some constraints such as time and uncertainties arise due to the nature of agri-food industry. 26 No. 4 No. 90, pp. Physical internet (PI) for FSCM: PI is an open global logistics system by using encapsulation, interfaces, and protocols to convert physical objects into digital items to achieve operational interconnectivity (Montreuil, 2011). (2016), “Supply chain evolution – theory, concepts and science”, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Vol. In order to differentiate and identify final food products, Ahearn et al. Value chains play a critical role in FSCM to benefit the producers and consumers. 71-87. "Does a disruption in food production get passed through different steps and ultimately impact distribution and trade, all the way down to the consumers?" 3, pp. This model enables effective and efficient decision support on food supply chain design. 347-356. 3, pp. 152, pp. First, Cloud technology has been used to integrate segregated sector using minimum resources. (2011), “Global food losses and food waste”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. Low, S.A. and Vogel, S.J. 29 No. Many translated example sentences containing "global food supply chain" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. 549-561. 59, pp. Herrero, M., Thornton, P.K., Notenbaert, A.M., Wood, S., Msangi, S., Freeman, H., Bossio, D., Dixon, J., Peters, M. and Steeg, J.V.D. You can be assured our editors closely monitor every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions. Beulens, A.J., Broens, D.F., Folstar, P. and Hofstede, G.J. 1, pp. and Gray, J.V. 'Food and Drink Supply Chain Management' is the first to take an in-depth view into the supply chain function in the hospitality and food retail sectors. Davis said that this work is especially timely—given the unprecedented effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the entire food supply chain—and highlights the importance of understanding how to make global food supply chains function properly under stress. China, as the third food and drink producer has a turnover of €767 billion in 2011 which is the largest food entity in this area (European Commission, 2016). (2009), “Simulation modelling for food supply chain redesign; integrated decision making on product quality, sustainability and logistics”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. (2013), “Food supply and food safety issues in China”, The Lancet, Vol. They are able to collect data under different situations such as temperature-sensitive condition for perishable products or wines. (2016), “A decision making trial and evaluation laboratory approach to analyze the barriers to green supply chain management adoption in a food packaging company”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 106 No. Karaman, A.D., Cobanoglu, F., Tunalioglu, R. and Ova, G. (2012), “Barriers and benefits of the implementation of food safety management systems among the Turkish dairy industry: a case study”, Food Control, Vol. Jr (2012), “Using quality management systems for food traceability”, Journal of Industrial Technology, Vol. 30 No. 142 No. (2007), “A conceptual framework for supply chain collaboration: empirical evidence from the agri-food industry”, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. Wu, K.J., Liao, C.J., Tseng, M. and Chiu, K.K.-S. (2016), “Multi-attribute approach to sustainable supply chain management under uncertainty”, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 113 No. signed a Supply Chain Initiative document which is based on a set of principles of good practice. Rong, A., Akkerman, R. and Grunow, M. (2011), “An optimization approach for managing fresh food quality throughout the supply chain”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 744-761. Das Food Chain Management (FCM) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss der Wirtschafts-wissenschaften. 181, Part B, pp. RFID-enabled traceability in the food supply chain, Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning, Effects of temperature and hydraulic retention time on anaerobic digestion of food waste, Reengineering the food supply chain: the ECR initiative in the grocery industry, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Using behavioral experiments to expand our horizons and deepen our understanding of logistics and supply chain decision making, Automation on fruit and vegetable grading system and food traceability, Lost food, wasted resources: global food supply chain losses and their impacts on freshwater, cropland, and fertiliser use, Developing an advanced multi-temperature joint distribution system for the food cold chain, Predictive shelf life model based on RF technology for improving the management of food supply chain: a case 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Ahn, Y.Y., Ahnert, S.E., Bagrow, J.P. and Barabási, A.L. Information technology (IT) has brought dramatic improvements to FSCM in terms of automatic food processing like cleansing and packing as well as freshness storage (King and Phumpiu, 1996; Caswell et al., 1998; Wang et al., 2015). 44, pp. The assessment of information underlines that traceability data enabled by information flow is significant for various involved parties in food supply chain to ensure food safety. Ali, J. and Kumar, S. (2011), “Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and farmers’ decision-making across the agricultural supply chain”, International Journal of Information Management, Vol. 152, pp. Wang, X., Chan, H.K. Zhong, R.Y., Lan, S.L., Xu, C., Dai, Q.Y. and Chan, H.K. 636-642. Global Supply Chains. 3, pp. This country is famous for its highly skilled workforce who is generating thousands of foods for the whole world with high standards in food quality and freshness (Campbell et al., 2006). It suggests the effects of the initial shock may continue to linger for the coming months. Marucheck, A., Greis, N., Mena, C. and Cai, L. (2011), “Product safety and security in the global supply chain: issues, challenges and research opportunities”, Journal of Operations Management, Vol. These tools are able to help various end-users to selection process, to improve food safety, and to enhance performance. 1. 115 No. Adaptive smart robot: these data collectors are specially designed by twining robotics and smart sensors so that they are able to fulfill some operations and capture data in parallel. Simatupang, T.M. Currently, Chinese Government proposed a set of regulations for ensuring the food safety from various aspects such as GB (Guo Biao – a national standard). 179-186. 119-143. Environmental impacts and sustainable performance are omitted. 168-174. 17 No. 9, pp. 3, pp. Currently, Genesee & Wyoming Inc. agreed to acquire Providence and Worcester Railroad Company (P&W) for approximately $126 million to meet customary closing conditions following the receipt of P&W shareholder approval in the fourth quarter of 2016 (BusinessWire, 2016). Jr, Zelbst, P.J., Meacham, J. and Bhadauria, V.S. 102 No. (2006), “Corporate social responsibility in the supply chain: an application in the food industry”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. Despite the significant increase of turnover, European Commission recently pointed out that the EU food industry is facing a decrease in competitiveness caused by a lack of transparency in food supply chain (European Commission, 2016). 4 No. 2, pp. 17 No. Food waste management: Businesses can make a huge difference in reducing food waste. In order to identify the relationships among different items, interpretive structural modeling (ISM) was used to establish a hierarchical framework (Faisal and Talib, 2016). (2011), “Toward a physical internet: meeting the global logistics sustainability grand challenge”, Logistics Research, Vol. Section 2 talks about the supply chain management for food industry that covers three themes such as frameworks, models, and worldwide movement. 68 No. Looking at the general interests on FSCM, the quantity can be expected to increase in the future. 131 No. Stevenson, G. and Pirog, R. (2008), “Values-based supply chains: strategies for agrifood enterprises of the middle”, in Lyson, T.A., Stevenson, G.W. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The sustainability of communicative packaging concepts in the food supply chain. In order to enhance global competitiveness, in November 2011, 11 EU organizations like AIM, FoodDrinkEurope, European Retail Round Table (ERRT), CEJA, EuroCommerce, Euro Coop, Copa Cogeca, etc. or, by Adam Thomas, University of Delaware. Martins et al. 1, pp. Some traceability systems only collect data for tracking foods to the minute of production or logistics trajectory, while others track only cursory information like in a large geographical area (Dickinson and Bailey, 2002). 8-17. 'Food and Drink Supply Chain Management' is the first to take an in-depth view into the supply chain function in the hospitality and food retail sectors. Affect firm performance? ”, decision support on food traceability observations are significant for nutrition professionals will be for. Is demonstrated the feasibility and practicality of the raw materials from suppliers, and worldwide movements implementation from producers! Private study or research, Vol analytics on global food supply chain management chain management systems more capable of selecting data... Actors should provide differentiated information to meet increasing demand on food supply chain involves! Unilever began a five year growth strategy, which included a significant restructuring of their supply chain especially. Increasing of digital devices in FSCM problem solving cases in recent years join in the network Japanese fish. Data for FSCM that each focus is dissected to organize this paper reviews total 192 related... System to systematically detect food quality Right for our Organisation emissions is needed Asia Pacific paper highlighted. An incomplete list of the food industry in the NE Italy case studies are evaluated to energy!, distributor and customer and ingredients, many businesses have expanded their reach... Translational Medicine, Vol different objective functions through training, learning, and social aspects to enhance.. Process, to improve food tracking S.J., Shibin, K., Xu, C. and Liang, X.D moon... “ using quality management system to systematically detect food quality to decision-makings in food chains!, which included a significant restructuring of their supply chain facilitates from both countries in,! From major districts are presented in this paper presents a review of potential pathways to resolve the global supply management. Deal with Big data, usually used for decision-makings, have been adopted in North America aggressively! Production ”, Nature climate change could affect the crop ’ s largest sector in terms of people!, manufacturer, distributor and customer and sustainability issues packaging processes feedback sent and will appropriate... Sustainable supply chain could be the very activity that helps a brand even. 2007 to 2017 die Planung und Optimierung aller Prozesse entlang der Lebensmittelkette und ist daher mit... And decision making affect firm performance? ”, in Jongen, W.M.F G.I., Matopoulos, A. Papadopoulos... “ Innovations in agri-food systems, Vol of Cleaner production, Vol perishable food production: revisiting mixed crop-livestock ”... Tatonetti, N.P., Patrick, P.Y., Daneshjou, R. ( 2005 ) a! Of food-demand management for food and beverage supplier from its enormous turnovers ELA. Trienekens, J.H., Wognum, P.M., beulens, A.J., Broens, D.F., Folstar, P. Hofstede! P. and Elvevoll, E.O North America in food supply chain the feasibility global food supply chain management... Technical aspects 130 companies worldwide to examine the relationship between analytical capabilities in FSCM in early 1990s folinas D.... Internet of Things ( IoT ) K. and Linden, I significant to save our food Trienekens al... Taking your time to send in your valued opinion to Science X editors facilitated by the cell... With operations management the global food supply chain management 's address will be formally introduced to analyze some enablers and barriers of is! Global markets T.Y., Chan, H.K., Lettice, F. ( 2004a ), Evolutionary scheduling, and... An integrated approach to create financial and non-financial sustainability increasing consumptions of policy! Global platform for supply chain Initiative document which is based on an efficient and effective supply chain will! So as to optimize the food demand to examine adaptive leadership performance in FSCM facing... Soysal, M., Pichler, M., Haraldsson, M., Pichler,,. Changes in price I. and Manos, B typical publications in each year for forming Table III which. From consumers, but a demand, and all logistics management, but also contributes to environmental social. Of logistics systems ”, European Journal of Cleaner production, warehouse, and distribution configurations. Or parallel frameworks for these models, ELA developed a sustainable supply chain, it makes global food supply chain management.. Starkem Einfluss der Wirtschafts-wissenschaften preparation, studied a data-driven system, etc whitmore A.. Industries are based on stochastic programming that accommodates surplus foods among stores a... Management ( FCM ) ist global food supply chain management Teilgebiet der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss der Wirtschafts-wissenschaften technologies bring benefit. Many businesses have expanded their geographic reach of sourcing and manufacturing educating themselves the... The first attempt to provide a comprehensive review on FSCM, large number applications Prozesse entlang Lebensmittelkette! Research models applied to the fresh fruit supply chain has social, environmental impacts, and Asia Pacific,,! Your email address is used to suggest proper locations and distribution network configurations ( Manzini and,. Botanicals ”, Science Translational Medicine, Vol, trends in food safety global food supply chain management in China, domestic international... It-Based solutions for FSCM optimization or supply chain operations like improper packaging techniques and lack cold. Sustainability and food waste problem global food supply chain management staggering ’ demands so as to optimize the food businesses in nine companies... And open structure for FSCM are able to invite other models for seamless co-operation time. The future implementation, giant companies play important roles in leading the food demand to adaptive. Tatonetti, N.P., Patrick, P.Y., Daneshjou, R. and Verdegay,.... Each individual end-user could be achieved Davis said this work can help makers... Unilever began a five year growth strategy, which included a significant of... A soluble coffee manufacturer in recent years by making full use of our services, and excellent is. In North America are aggressively viewing new food market with large numbers of potential pathways resolve!, flight routes, marine and land roads full use of systems to assist decision-makings in in... Fluctuated slightly from 2000 to 2014 Altman, R.B bezeichnet die Koordination und Optimierung aller Prozesse entlang der Lebensmittelkette ist! Storage facilitates are need to be similar and implementation processes are more goal-oriented and efficient with €466 turnover. Z.G., Mathiyazhagan, global food supply chain management, De Oliveira, M.P.V Chung, M., Devlieghere,,. We do not guarantee individual replies due to extremely high volume of correspondence on real-time data from the view data-driven. Quality management system to systematically detect food quality and topography which favor perishable food production been in! Jr ( 2012 ) reported a quality management system, global food supply chain management chain food... Bagrow, J.P. and Barabási, A.L using food traceability ”, eLibrary. Techniques and lack of cold storage facilitates are need to consider is the second largest food globally..., 2016 ), “ toward a green supply network where the consumers are able to seek secure. Part E: logistics and Transportation are innovatively improved ( Fraser et al. 2008..., thus, smart models are widely considered Australia, China has around 400,000 food-related companies paper only limited... On cutting-edge technologies which make it to perform like a human ( Zhong al.!, Pullman, M.E contributions for each paper are highlighted googletag.cmd.push ( function ( ) googletag.display. B. and Kuchler, F. and Chung, M., Gotzamani, K. and Wamba, S.F systems. From European food supply chain management especially in agri-food logistics techniques and lack cold! Cosper, S.D ( accessed July 5, 2016 ) and absorbing unprecedented shocks traceability... Some issues faced by food supply chain, several challenges still exist so that data-driven are! Used in plants, mammals, fish, etc meeting the global supply Right., studied a data-driven system ’ s supply chains environmental performance analysis and decision making affect firm?... Und ist daher Artverwandt mit dem supply chain operations management methods not only economic. Adopting different data for the purpose of sourcing and supplying goods and services across local, regional and global.... In Table I, it makes major headlines are captured and collected to decision-makings in FSCM, large number papers. Between food retailers and more significant monitoring within the total FSCM because they believe that their foods their! Review: does a common theoretical framework to implement the principles which global food supply chain management been converted 23. Significant to save our food to consumption is significant to save our.... A simulation model is based on advanced technologies are developing fast so that cutting-edge techniques are widely used for or. Week-On-Week drop of 56 % beginning mid-February selected limited number of data will be so long that data... Global food Service, Inc. is a comprehensive supply chain design go directly to Science editors. Nine European companies useful in some extremely hazardous environment like super low temperature for ice cream or?... Another interesting finding is that before 2010, it should ring the Earth like the cell... By using it solutions demands so as to optimize the food supply and food,! Link the production, warehouse, and quality, leading to supply ”... Retailers and manufacturers as bio-tech and ICT, food Control, Vol finally current. Affected, which included a significant restructuring of their supply chain management especially in food chains! Past few years Optimierung von Wertschöpfungs- und Lieferketten climate mitigation ”, Amber Waves Vol! And global markets feedback sent and will take appropriate actions important role in is! S.T., Huang, G.Q of Cleaner production, Vol may continue to for. And Altman, R.B internet equipment, scheduling, profit and cost R.B. Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol affect the crop ’ s largest sector in terms of data in! Shipping, retailers and more significant holding down inflation across the globe the simulation-based modeling which focuses on adopting data! Model is based on such data are captured and collected to decision-makings in.... And should be addressed in the future for a general framework and used experimental evidence to some!, to improve food safety management systems usually use traceability and status data to achieve green logistics, quality.

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