Started DJ’ing – Iowa – 1999

I got my very first turntables by digging threw my parents basement sometime in the year 1999. A Technics home theater record player and a Garrard 440M record player, neither of them had pitch control. With a crappy Numark 2-channel mixer I had bought, I attempted to beat match by spinning the records to speed by hand. After saving up enough money to afford the cheapest and crappiest of actually turntables with a pitch control I bought myself a pair of terrible Nurmark turntables and began the long long long neverending journey to become a Happy Gabber DJ.


Sometime during the summer of 2000, with the help of a couple close friends, I dragged my terrible dj setup down to the local park and played for the very first time outside and in public. I did not play at an event again until 8 years later when I threw my very first free event Barbequed Music : D.

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